Twitter for Good

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The reason that I initially started this blog is because I have become absolutely fascinated with the intersections of social media and social justice. I have spent the last four years as a communication major learning about how social media can be used as a force of good in our world.

This obsession began my sophomore year when I read a book entitled “Twitter for Good: how to change the world one tweet at a time.” This book is written by Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Head of Corporate Social Innovation and Philanthropy at Twitter. This book opened my eyes to an entire field that I knew absolutely nothing about: using social media to strategize and create social campaigns that work toward achieving social good.

Claire uses her knowledge and insight to explain everything from finding your voice, to contacting influencers on Twitter, to creating an effective campaign. My favorite takeaway from this book is the T.W.E.E.T. framework (Target, Write, Engage, Explore, Track) which is Claire’s five-step model for success on Twitter.

As a college student, I am constantly being told that my age group only uses social media to one-up each other, or to perform a certain identity. Reading this book reminded me that we are all capable of ethically and mindfully using social platforms to work toward a goal much bigger than ourselves. It highlights the incredible power that social media has in order to create a movement.

This book is highly recommended for anyone who is working to understand how to use twitter for good, or is just trying to figure out how to develop a true voice on twitter. This video explains Claire’s methods a little further.


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